Nura loves solving puzzles and mysteries. She is a budding scientist who loves learning facts, experimenting in science class, and observing how things work. She is always trying to invent something, and is also studying hard to memorise the Quran. To wind down, Nura spends her time outdoors on her bicycle and trying to spot and recognise different birdlife with her cute pet bird Zuzu.

My family: Mum, Dad, 2 Older Brothers, Zuzu the bird

Things I enjoy at School: Cool science experiments, working with others to solve puzzles and problems

I'm passionate About: Science, inventing, problem solving

I love: Ice cream, shoes, mystery novels

My Strengths: I'm bold, easy going, original and have excellent people skills

My Hobbies: BMX biking, 3D puzzles

My Special Talent: I have a great memory and I am memorising the Quran

When I grow up: I'd like to invent something that will help people!