Empowering and inspiring young girls


Hi there! We believe in having confidence, sharing heartwarming stories, and having lots of fun while learning and trying new things. 

Our vision is to encourage ALL girls to dream big and fulfil their incredible potential - starting with ourselves.

- Love, Salam Sisters xx

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get a Salam Sisters doll from?

Right now, the best (and only!) place to get your doll from is our online store: shop.zileej.com  

Shipping is currently optimised for UK, USA, AUS, South Africa, Germany, and France. If you’re placing an order from outside these locations, the shipping costs may be quite high.

We’re working on adding more distribution locations to our network, click here to sign up to our newsletter to learn of our expanding network.


2. When will I receive my order?

This depends on the shipping option you select at checkout.


3. What does my Salam Sisters doll come with?

Your dolls will arrive at home with :

  • A cute outfit 

  • A pair of shoes

  • A specially designed undercap to hold your doll’s hair in place (no hair-ties needed) 

  • Two headscarves:

  1. Designer scarf: which is a specially designed headscarf for Salam Sisters in a pre-sewn style, that is easy to put on and take off thanks to thoughtfully placed velcro.

  2. Style-your-own scarf: a specially designed scarf with a nifty bit of elastic at the neck (no pins needed) and free-flowing ends, encouraging young minds to get experimental and create their own unique #HijabStyle

  • Playmat which activates the augmented reality feature of the Salam Sisters app. Bringing to life a 3D version of your doll on your smartphone.

  • Storybook with activities: Learn more about your doll's world through an original Salam Sisters story and activities (you can colour in the pages of the book too!)

  • Hairbrush: because your doll will arrive at your doorstep with her headscarf on, her hair might be a bit bent out of shape. Not to worry, we've included a hairbrush to help smooth her hair out or put the volume back into her natural curls because hair care counts for hijabi's too!

  • They also come with a whole lot of love, jam-packed with big aspirations, endless hours of imaginative play, and fun!


4. What size is the Salam Sisters doll?

The box that your doll comes in is 28cm (11in) wide, 13.5cm (5.3in) deep, and 53cm (20.8in) high.

Our Salam Sisters dolls stand at 46cm (18in) tall.


5. Where are they made?

Our dolls are designed and developed in Spain, and manufactured in China at a factory that we have personally visited and ensured acceptable and respectful working conditions. 


6. This is the big one - why would you put scarves on dolls? 

Thank you for asking! We believe in representing diversity in ethnicity as well as in representations of faith. When we started out, we noticed that there were no dolls with vibrant and varied personalities brought to life through beautifully designed experiences and stories that incorporate elements of Islamic faith.

We would like young girls - Muslim or not - to see, experiment, and play with dolls that introduce a welcoming mindset to diversity.  

We believe that all girls should have the right to choose how they dress, as such, the headscarves of our dolls are removable and our characters appear both with and without headscarves.  

Zileej Co-founder Peter Gould shares: “The Salam Sisters concept was originally inspired by my own two daughters and experiences as a Muslim parent. Speaking with other parents, we recognised the need to develop a fun range of characters, dolls and play experiences to inspire the next generation of Muslims making positive change in the world."

Have another question? We'd be happy to hear from you! Reach out through our contact form.